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"I was having a hard time finding a Motorcycle shop that would let me use my Yamaha card to buy a used bike, not so with Temecula Motorsports. My salesman Rob Baker went above and beyond to help me make the sale happen. I am located in Sacramento and was going to take Greyhound to go down to pick up my bike, but Robs sales manager had Rob call me to let me know they were buying me a plane ticket to come down instead. They made all the arrangements for me. I don't know about you, but I call that kind of service way above and beyond! I can't speak for the other dealers, but these guy's are the real deal!"

By: Mark     Sacramento, CA

"The service was great from the minute I pulled in with the bike in a trailer 3 guts ran out to unload it and from there on service was great. Bike is fixed and runs great."

By: JD    Rivereside, CA

"I walked in mid week and met Robert Baker from sales. I told him I was shopping around for my sons first bike, the Yamaha R3. He was quick to show me all the bikes he had in stock and was very helpful answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. I told him the price range I was willing to spend and that I would continue looking for the best price. He encouraged me to do so and to give him a call the upcoming weekend to let him know off my results. I did so and when I called him that Satuday morning he told me to stop shopping and come get the bike. He offered me the best price by far than any of the other dealers I had met with which was the most important thing for me being my son wanted to pay for the bike himself. We walked in on a very busy Saturday morning and walked out in about an hours time with the bike in the back of my truck. Robert made the whole experience easy and even enjoyable. The entire staff at Temecula Motorsports were very friendly and very knowledgeable. I plan on retuning to pick up another bike for my younger son when he is ready. Thanks to Robert, I will be a loyal customer for all my motorcycling needs."

By: John    Las Flores, CA

"I was in the market to purchase a cruiser to be specific a Victory Cross Country. A friend of mine told me to check out Temecula Motorsports and he'll introduce me to a good friend of his Chris Peck that works there. So on a whim I decided to head down there and check out there stock. I called my buddy up and told him to give his buddy a call and meet down at TM. When I showed up my buddy told told me that Chris was off that day, not a big deal I just want to look around. Well I found a bike that I really liked. During this time TM had a table set near the front door stacked with what looked like 10+ boxes of pizza from Costco for their employees and customers in the store!!, what store does that. I was amazed, free food, friendly staff, so I grab a couple slices and ate while I continued browsing the store. So when want to run some number to see if the bike would fit my budget my buddy calls up Chris and lets him know what bike what was looking at, so Chris came down to the store on his day off to help me out. I didn't leave with a bike that day, but Chris told me he will continue to try to get me the best deal. I get a call the next day from Herman, one of the sales Managers there and told me that he is really close on getting me the best deal and price I wanted, I was stoked. So I called Chris and told him I'm heading down to TM to look over the numbers and a potential Cross Country that fit my budget better and Chris told me that he'll meet me there. I meet Chris at TM on his day off again so we can both look at the numbers break down. I was speechless on the amazing deal Herman Gutierrez worked to get me the bike. I signed the papers and was on my way with a brand new 2015 Victory Cross Country. I would of never been able to have an amazing purchase without the help of those two. If your in the market to buy make sure you talk to CHRIS PECK at Temecula Motorsports, he is the greatest guy to talk to. "

By: Lawrence     Hemet, CA

"We helped our son purchase a 2006 HONDA CBR and CHRIS Peck was very on point, knowledgeable and over all hillarious.. Made it just that more fun. In fact the whole sales/finance dept ROCK!! Thanks Always loyal customers! JENNIFER "

By: Jennifer & Albert     Lake elsinore, CA

"I purchased my Can Am Spyder RT S after many months of searching the internet for just the right preowned Spyder at the right price. Temecula Motorsports not only had my dream Spyder the did one better they "upped" my dream to a brand new Spyder at the same price as my dream. I got a 2013 Spyder RT S with 1 mile on the odometer. The sales person (Zac) was helpful. We only spoke by phone because I live in Northern Cal and the dealership is in Southern Cal. Temecula Motorsports was not the only dealer I contacted by email, but they were the only dealer who answered promptly. Thanks again for making all my dreams come true."

By: Anonymous    Cazadero, CA

"I've purchased four vehicles from Temecula Motorsports and each time I have had a great experience. The sales staff there is friendly and eager to please, and the parts staff really goes out of their way to get you what you need. The prices are fair and the inventory is great. My sales guy, Chris Peck, really works for the customer."

By: Dave    La Cresta, CA

"I purchased a Honda Rancher 4X4 and the process couldn't have been easier, the sales person Chris Peck was extremely friendly and helpful during the buying process. I am very pleased with my purchase and I will definitely refer anyone to Temecula Motorsports and I will be back for any accessories that I may need. Thank you for all of your help."

By: Todd     Hemet, CA

"I think Temecula Motorsports is a great place to do business... Rolf Sammons"

By: Rolf     Oceanside, CA

"Temecula Motorsports: I want to take the to give recognize and thanks to Spencer J. - Service Department and Brian D. - Parts Department. These two Temecula Motorsports associates exceeded above and beyond every accommodation I needed with speed, accuracy and knowledge. I am absolutely pleased with the products and service I paid for and I will gladly recommend Temecula Motorsports for every motorsport need. Spencer and Brian your hard work and efforts are appreciated and recognized!!! Thank you! Jasen D. Williams Regional Asset Protection Manager - Region 22 "Knowing is not enough we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do." "

By: Jasen    Temecula, CA